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If you’re planning to start writing articles or blogs online, then you need to have good writing skills. The main aspect of writing skills is having a good grammar. If you have a good hold on your grammar and you are sure that you can write without making grammatical errors, you can start writing.

If you don’t have good grammar, then you can take help from the online grammar check that helps with proofreading your text and showing you the mistakes you did in it. Many people wish to proofread and identify their work by themselves but they should know that even professional writers take help from proofreading tools which double checks the content before publishing it.

The best way is to have a good grammar checker tool that can help you producing quality work. Here is the list of top grammar checkers that you can use for this purpose:

1 Grammarly

Grammarly is the most popular grammar checker online. when you sign in to Grammarly you will have two ways of checking your text, one way is to write the text and the other way is to import the text for checking grammar. Grammarly has the ability of detecting and correcting over 150 types of errors.

2 Ginger Online

Ginger online is another grammar checking tool and it resembles MS word. If English is your second language, then Ginger is a very helpful tool as it contains many features that makes life of people easier. Ginger has three available versions, one is free, second one is basic for $40 and the premium version is for $90 for lifetime.

3 LanguageTool

LanguageTool is distinguished from other grammar checkers as it can correct grammar in many languages. LanguageTool is different as this software needs to be downloaded after the free trial version online.

4 After the Deadline

After the deadline is integrated with WordPress that’s why many bloggers rely on this tool. It works similar like other tools. It requires the copy-paste of the text you want check in the field provided and the click on the button “check grammar” button at the bottom. After this, the tool starts checking the text and flags error within your text.

5 GrammarCheck

GrammarCheck is the most traditional grammar checking tool in the whole world. With the help of this tool, grammar check is done within seconds, it is the online tool that checks grammar for people as it is simple to use. Users can import the text or write within the text field and check them with a single click.



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